April 25, 2009


Today Sam, Sarah, and I (and Bailey) met up with Chris downtown to watch Gina run the 1/2 Marathon. This is something that she has been training herself for since Mr. Sam passed away. She was determined to run the marathon in memory of her dad. She had an awful cold and that didn't stand in her way. She has been working for a long time and today all that hard work paid off! She started the race at 7:55 and finished around 11 o'clock. She wore a shirt that said "Sam I Am" on the front and "Running In Memory of My Dad Sam Shrewsbury" on the back. We stood at mile marker 9 to see her running during the race. Sam and I both got a little emotional when we saw her run up to our side. We left from there and went to the finish line where we were able to see her cross the finish line! We were all very proud!! After the race, Gina said that there was a woman who was running who saw her shirt and told her she knew Mr. Sam. He was the rep at her school in Maury County. How cool is that?! She also said that people would yell "Go Sam I AM!!" It was a great to see her succeed at something that she has had her mind on for so long! Mr. Sam was definitely remembered today!! Congrats Gina!!

On another note, Bailey was definitely worn out today too! He had such long walks today! At one point, he sat down and refused to walk any farther! He was hot too! This is where he started out at the beginning of the day... and this is where he went when we got back in the car after it was all over. Yes, he is laying right under the a/c vent in the floorboard!

April 22, 2009

Mid Week Update

For all you Shrewsbury blog followers out there (because I know there are sooo many) :) I thought I would give a quick update! I can really tell that there were some prayers for me this week and I wanted to thank you! I was looking forward to this week, but at the same time dreading it. I was nervous about being observed by a teacher that has a lot of experience and runs a tight ship, but it has been a blessing! My nerves subsided yesterday as I taught my first lesson and it has continued to get better and better. I officially completed my lessons that I am required to teach today and got some great feedback from my teacher. She said that I was doing a great job! This is something that I really needed to hear too because teaching was something that I was starting to question during this semester. I wasn't sure if this was the job that God really had planned for me. (I think I contribute a lot of this feeling towards working with 40 4-6 year olds!) After talking with my mentor teacher and actually teaching lessons, I know that this is what I am suppose to be doing with my life. I look forward to going to the classroom tomorrow even though getting up at 6:15 is starting to wear on me a bit! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE being off at 3:30!! I can get use to that real fast! But overall, I love working with these kids. They are hilarious in 1st grade by the way! You get some pretty funny stories! But I just wanted to give you guys an update about my week because I know that your prayers have been what has kept me at ease!

April 20, 2009

Loving the Weekends

Sam and I had a great weekend. It has been great to actually enjoy them now that my schoolwork has almost come to a complete stop thankfully! Friday is my day off from school, so last Friday Bailey and I went to Chick-fil-a to get lunch for Sam and I. I picked him and and the three of us went to the park to have a picnic lunch. It was marvelous! The weather was perfect and food was perfect along with the company! We had dinner with friends that night to cap off the day! We enjoyed a Saturday hanging in with the family with a nice grilled lunch and a little bit of frisbie mixed in! Sam, being the wonderful husband that he is, took me out for a date night to Spaghetti Factory which is my favorite place ever and to a movie. The food was great..the movie could have been great if the audience would have been mature and not the most rude people I have ever seen! I hate when people talk and cut up and get up during a movie! It is so distracting!!! Sam and I both were irritated! No more late movies for us at Opry Mills! Nope not again! I love my weekends with Sam! By the way...first day went pretty well! I had a sub instead of my mentor teacher, but I got to teach a lesson off the seat of my pants and it went well! Now if only the same can be said about the lessons that I actually have planned! We shall see! Tomorrow I have math and language arts...Wednesday reading of all kinds!

April 17, 2009


If any of you think about it, next week would be a great week for prayer for me! I will be doing my first student teaching next week at Kenwood Elementary in Clarksville. I have been working on lesson plans this whole semester, but reality is setting in that these lessons will actually be taught to real students, eighteen first graders in fact! I am really nervous because I am the actual teacher for two days and want these students to learn and succeed. I want to succeed. My mentor teacher will be observing me as I teach with some of my teachers coming in every now and then. I am excited because this is making what I have been going to school for real! I am on the downhill slide until I graduate and get a job so that makes it even more exciting. All I have left is one more semester in school and then student teaching. So if you think about it next week, pray for patience (first graders at the end of the year will be rather interesting), courage, and confidence, and whatever else! I know that this next week will be really fun, but it is slighty nerve racking at the same time!

April 12, 2009

Easter for the Shrewsbury's

Our Easter was fantastic! I will start off with the story before our Easter morning though! It has always been my tradition to get a new Easter dress every year. I have slacked off as I got older, but this year I really wanted to get a dress. I dropped the hint several times during the week and Saturday and even flat out asked, but never got an answer. Well, at 9:00 Saturday night, we went on a dress hunt at Kohl's and Target after spending time with our small group at a grillout. To my great disappointment, I did not find a dress, but I must add that I was very proud of myself too! I normally will just buy whatever when I want something and refuse to go home empty handed, so with that in mind I did really good! Well, Sam being the sweetest, best husband dropped me off at home told me we would look together to find something for me to wear, but that he was going to get us some coffee from Starbucks. He came back empty handed because Starbucks was closed, but was gone for awhile. Now on to Easter morning...We woke up at 8:00 because we were going to Sam's mom church out in Brentwood and had to drop Bailey off at my parents house, so we got an early start for us. (This might be late to some, but Sunday morning we normally get to sleep till 9:00 or 9:30 because our church doesn't have Sunday school and we go to the 11 o'clock service.) Sam let Bailey out and when he came back upstairs he brought me a chocolate bunny, a stuffed bunny, and a card! It was soo sweet! It made for a good start to the day! We went to church and had an AMAZING service! I love Mrs. Terri's church! We left Brentwood to eat lunch with my family. It was a wonderful meal and great family hangout time! Bailey and Sassy once again made for lots of laughs! It definitely wore him out! We had a wonderful first Easter....but someone left the camera at home from blogging earlier and there are no pictures!! Oops!

April 10, 2009

Bailey to the Vet on a Stormy Day

On this wonderful Friday off with the thunderstorms and tornadoes about we had to take Bailey to the vet for his next shot visit. Sam was the one to take him last time so it was really nice to get to tag along this time! He had to get two shots today. He has two more visits and he'll be done for the year! He is 3.9 lbs only 3 oz more than 2 weeks ago. He was the hit of the vet's office. Everyone was holding him and talking to him. We were proud parents! :) We had to wait off the tornado warning at the vets office. When that cleared we went to PetsMart to get him a dog tag and some new treats. Again we walked in with no rain, but had to wait for it to clear when we were getting ready to leave. I filled out a PetsMart rewards thing while waited! When we got home we found nice hail piles all over the front of the house. We missed all that, but are now enjoying our day inside!

Give Emily Barrios Cheese...

and this is what happens...

At one point she had all four fingers in the cheese and all of them in her mouth! It was ridiculous! I had to take a picture of it!

A Night Out!

Woo Hoo to the title! It was really nice to go out to the Sounds game last night. I have had so much homework to do every night that Sam and I really haven't been able to spend a night together just the two of us. I am always sitting in front of a computer writing lesson plans, a paper, or something so to have a night out was wonderful. It felt like the start of summer which was really nice. I got slighty bored and started writing in my planner and realized that there only two and a half more weeks for me in school so summer is almost here! I also started taking pictures. Emily sat by me the majority of the night, so we took some pictures and she even got to get a picture with Ozzie! Steve and the rest of the crew started the wave which made it all the way around the stadium quite a few times after a little practice! It was a really good night for the two of us even though the Sounds lost! Sam was real into taking pictures if you can't tell!We left early to go pick up Bailey from my mom. The life of parenthood! :) just kidding no need for that right now at all!!

Give a Camera to Emily Barrios...

and that is what you get! Sam and I went to the Sounds opening game last night thanks to an invite from Steve. We left to go get some food and when I came back this is what was on my camera. Thought it would make for a good post!

Riding in the Car

Bailey is pretty entertaining when he rides in the car. He whined a lot at first, but if you put in on your shoulder like he was a parrot he quiets down and just sits. We took him to my parents on Sunday to hang out and get my computer worked on. These are just a few pictures of him on our way there. He was interested in the wind that was blowing in his face from the vents.

April 4, 2009

Fun and Stress

This weekend has been filled with fun, but there was one big stressful moment for me! First, I will tell the fun! We had Mo, Libby, and their friend Cortney over Friday night. Mo and Cortney were taking their ACT today at APSU, so they stayed here so they wouldn't have to get up so early. We played a little Guitar Hero and watched Twlight. It was really nice to get to spend time with my sisters because I hardly ever get to see them. We only live 20 minutes apart, but we have very hectic schedules on both sides. We spent today enjoying the weather and relaxing, well after my huge stress was somewhat resolved. So now on to the big huge gigantic stress that was brought upon me at 11:30 last night! Our computer has been working fine..it worked fine all week, it even worked fine all night. At 11:30 my computer decided to turn evil and freeze. When I got it back on, the computer had crashed eliminating all of my schoolwork!!! I was going off the deep end. At first I was so overwhelmed I couldn't cry, but all of the sudden the water works came and they didn't leave until I finally fell asleep. You see, all of my schoolwork is on my computer most importantly a group project! It has all of our pictures, Sam's resume', and all sorts of stuff. If I actually thought while I did schoolwork, I would save it to a jump drive and the computer. I never backup my computer, but will now do so once it gets back to normal. I dreamed about all the work that I was going to have to do by Monday! I slept stressed. Well, we got up this morning and Sam found the folders located somewhere different and we saved them to a jumpdrive. The computer will still not load right, but my dad will get to look at it tomorrow! I felt so pathetic to be so upset about a computer! It's crazy how important a computer is to my life and the things that it holds! We think there is a possible virus of some sort going on, but we are not sure! We shall see tomorrow hopefully! I will say there have been lessons learned..but you would think I would've learned when it did this last year around this time! Maybe this time it has sunk in!

April 2, 2009

Bailey's First Week

Bailey's first week has been pretty eventful! He saw everyone! Playing at my parents went fantastic! Sassy and Bailey were pretty funny together! Bailey was not the least bit scared of her, but Sassy was scared of him! It was hilarious! He met Sam's family on Sunday. Calyn was really funny meeting Bailey! She wasn't so sure what he was and why he was there! It took her a little while, but I think that they will get along! :) He got to play with Heidi last night because we had dinner with John and Lindsey in their brand spanking new beautiful house! This was hilarious! We are pretty sure that they were playing, but it was a lot of wrestling and mouths open and madness! It lasted all night while we were there! They both wore each other out and went straight to sleep when it was bedtime! So in the week that Bailey has been with us he has learned to climb the stairs and go down the stairs, jump off the couch, and go to the kitchen to go to the potty! We are very proud of our little Bailey! Now if we can just get him to stop biting everything would be great!! I have a bruise on the arm from those teeth!