May 17, 2010

What a Weekend

To say this was an eventful weekend is a slight understatement. It all started on Friday. Friday was Sam's 24th birthday. He took the day off of work to celebrate the day. To start of the celebration day, we met up with our friends Kim and Josh at the Pancake Pantry. While I was getting ready, I heard Sam yelling at Bailey but not in a "you're in trouble" kind of way. He comes to the bathroom to tell me that we caught our not so friendly mouse. This mouse wasn't a big deal to me until he had chewed one of my Thirty One bags. After that, he had to go! After three weeks, we finally caught him.

Sam carried it to the woods while I screamed here and there everytime it moved. Oh did I mention it was still alive when we caught it! It peed on itself it was so scared! HA serves it right! That's how our day started. We went to the Pancake Pantry after taking care of that situation, which isn't the same as going in Gatlinburg. The atmosphere is completely different. It was still good though, just not the same. After breakfast, Sam and I went to Cool Springs for a day of shopping. Sam got all kinds of new stuff. I wasn't so lucky, but that's nothing new! We came home to rest for just a little while before we got dressed and ready to go see my sisters before they left for prom.

Of course we had to get a sisters picture before they left!

I tried to get a picture with Sam, but we can see how well that turned out.

After seeing them off, Sam and I left to have dinner at Stoney River. He's been talking about going to eat there for forever, so we finally were able to make it out. It was good food. We had a blast getting to have a real date night of going somewhere other than the usual! I think Sam had a great birthday!

Saturday was an interesting day. I was babysitting when I got a call from Sam saying that he had rear ended someone. You would think that I would believe him when he calls to tell me something like that, but I had to ask if he was serious. He was.

We are now down a vehicle and I am stuck at home for the time being. Hopefully we will get a rental car today! Needless to say, it was an eventful weekend!

May 10, 2010

Oh The Places You'll Go...

This Dr. Suess book is always brought up around the time of year that students are graduating high school and college. This is the time that I am in my life as well. Oh the places I will go now that I am a college graduate!!! That's actually our next plan for our lives. We have spent the past 2 years planning what we would do the semester before I graduate. Well, now that time has come and gone so now we are going to start planning places we want to go...THEN we will talk about adding kids to this crazy household, so don't get any ideas about that happening anytime soon! :)

So back to the whole purpose of this post. On Friday, May 7th I walked across the stage at APSU becoming one of the many Spring 2010 college graduates.
It was a hot and crazy day, but the job is complete. I will be able to pick up my diploma in June, but I at least got pictures and a little tube to put it in! My family and friends came to support and cheer me on which was a fantastic feeling. Truth be told though, I don't feel any different than I did before the ceremony began. It felt like any other day. I think the reason why is because I never completed my student teaching placement. Schools closed for the week in Cheatham County due to the flood and I was unable to say bye. I did not have closure, but I am going this week to tell them all good-bye! I also didn't have to take a final or write a paper or anything else that other people have to do. I worked (without pay), so it was just a very different feeling than I think many other people experience. Here are some of the people who shared in my day...

There were other people who were there as well but I didn't manage to get a picture with them. :( My younger sister, Moriah, had a softball game so there were some people who left during or immediately after to make it to her game. They won state by the way to those who were wondering how that worked out.

I spent the rest of the night celebrating with my friends. We went to a restaurant called Lime that is in Downtown Nashville. Just as a side note, if you want some awesome Mexican food...this is the place that you want to go! It was fabulous! I had a great graduation night of celebration. Thank you to all my friends who made it out to celebrate such a big day in my life!

God has blessed me with an awesome family! Thank you for supporting me, for putting up with my rants and vents, for not letting me quit, for listening to my issues because we know there were many, for being a shoulder to cry on, for celebrating my high points and lifting me up in my low points, and for loving me through it all! I couldn't have made it to this point without all of you!

Oh the places we'll go....