June 21, 2009

Our Vacation Getaway

It's hard to believe but it has been a year since Sam started his job, which means vacation time!! Sam and I decided to celebrate our one year anniversary and have a vacation all in one because he can't take time off in August which is our anniversary month. We left early Monday morning, 6 o'clock to be exact, and headed down to Panama City Beach. We finally got down there a little after 3. We went to eat and then to Walmart, but due to the massive insanity at the one Walmart in PCB, we left. We spent day one getting burnt, day two shopping in Pier Park, and three at the pool, day four at the ocean and pool, and unforunately day five we spent driving home. The ocean had a lot of seaweed, so we didn't go in it that much. It was so nice to get to spend time together without work or anything else to worry about and of course I loved sun bathing! Sam on the other hand...he's just not much of a sun bathing guy. We got him an umbrella, but he still got a fun little tan! Sunscreen has never been a part of my getting ready for the pool ( I know..thats not a good thing, but I don't), so I just put it on Sam's shoulders like he asked me and went on about my tanning. Well, that night Sam had one fun tan...this is what it looked like: It was a great week! Neither one of us are looking forward to getting back to work, but ready or not here the work week comes!

June 14, 2009

Quick Update

I thought I would give a quick update on Sam and I. It has been a busy past few weeks. I didn't have the girls this week which was a really good thing for me. As a hopeful teacher, I am required to take the Praxis, which for me is 4 tests. I had two to take on Saturday, which was stressing me out! I didn't study and to be quite honest...we are going on vacation so I was slightly distracted! I think that they went alright though...but I will let everyone know in 4 weeks! (if I pass!) :) Sam has been doing the working thing. We are praying that maybe something else will pop up out there jobwise, but until then he is continuing doing what he does. I did have a first this week...I attempted chicken salad. Sam had said that he wanted some chicken salad, so being the loving, attentive wife that I am I decided to give it a try! Well it did not go very well to say the least! First of all the chicken had the red grose tendon things in it and slimey and well it just grosed me out! So then after trying to boil eggs three times going through 5 eggs...I finally had boil eggs to put in it. It was all going good until I put in mayo and miracle whip. Let's just say I wanted a little chicken with the mayo! I was too scared to even try it so Sam ate it when he got home from work. He said it was good, but I have still yet to give it a taste! Maybe round two I won't put so much mayo in it! I learned my lesson there! Well Bailey is off at my parents and we are off to vacation, so pictures and stories will be coming soon!