June 16, 2012

Vacation 2012

This year Sam and I decided to go somewhere we haven't been to before for our vacation. Instead of going to Panama City Beach, which has been the beach I've been to for the majority of the summer vacations I've taken, we took ourselves on over a little bit to visit Destin. It started out a little gloomy, but by Monday we had mostly clear skies and spent our time by the ocean.  
Our first night out to eat in Destin greeted us with this wonderful sunset.  
Our next dinner out was at this lovely joint. 
 This was our favorite spot as far as view while eating.
We even went back for lunch and got to sit in the really big chair.  
The rest of the week was spent sitting by the beach, mixed with a little shopping, watching soccer during lunch, and enjoying each others company. This was such a great trip for Sam and I. We had time to relax and hang out together without having to worry about the responsibilities that we have at home.

 Until next vacation I guess..