July 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

The title sums up how I feel we have been this past month. Every weekend we have had something to do. It all started 4th of July weekend..but no sense in talking about that again...just scroll down if you need a quick refresher! :) The following weekend we celebrated Cody and Lindsey's wedding, friends of ours. This is their first dance picture..but let's get back to the wedding!Let me tell you that was an exhausting, but fun filled weekend. Lindsey M and I were the runners, the steamers, the send 'em down the aislers, and a little of everything else in between, but MAN we enjoy ourselves. We decided that we should go into business after a really good day of teamwork and success. I won't lie..we did a little dance in the foyer of the church when the bride made it down the aisle..celebrated that little moment and then found ourselves a seat! We danced the night away at the reception with a little Twist..Cha Cha slide..and more!I could have a biased opinion..maybe..possibly..but I think I had the best looking dancing partner on the floor!! Although..I can't lie I think that we all had a mini-crush on the photographer...he looked exactly like Dr. McSteamy for those Grey's Anatomy watchers out there! Just throwing that out there...Alright so moving on..the next weekend we thought we had off, but that plan was thrown to the wayside when news of a charity softball tournament made its way to this household. The wives of the men spent Friday night ironing on numbers and names to shirts with the intention that they would be worn quite a bit the next day! Don't they look fabulous! :) We even made shirts for ourselves to support our men...I mean team! ;) And yes my shirt was suppose to say "Shrewsbury's Wife"..but it was too long to fit the " 's" on the shirt so I am THE Shrewsbury wife! haha It was a first! Claud always fit on everything..test bubble things...shirts...anything..now Shrewsbury not so much! Well, to our wonderful surprise a tournament with 12 teams went down to 6 then 4..3..and finally just 2! It was us and the "Domestic Angels" and there was nothing angelic about this team so I think they should really consider a name change! A double elimination tournament turned into best 3 out of 5 after defeating the other team twice! So needless to say it started getting nasty by the end of the day..swinging for the pitcher..yelling..screaming..name calling! AHHH that's what I did! So we left our 2nd place trophy and got out of there. The whole thing was for charity and they ruined it! But our team got along great and played really well even if they lost what they originally had won! The next day we celebrated my sister Moriah's 18th birthday! I can't believe how old we are! I am almost 21, Libby will be 17 in Dec. and Regina will be 23 on Friday! This is insanity! Anyways, we enjoyed some grilled food and socializing with my family and friends for Moriah's birthday! She actually bought herself her first car last Friday, so happy birthday to her! Now where was I...Oh yeah it was during this week that I decided to rid myself of all the blondeness and go back to my brunette ways..getting use to it, but liking it! Ok so back to the busy life of the Shrewsbury's...This weekend was no fun for me! Yesterday I took my final two PRAXIS test. And I think we all need to take a quick moment to breathe..ok that was for me really, but I honestly do not think that it went very well! I am generally one of those who says "I failed!" and then don't but really, truly, honestly I do not have a good feeling about this one! I just want to know why getting your degree comes down to four little, strike that, big tests anyways! I then came home and had to take yet another quiz for a class that I am taking online..so needless to say my brain was officially burnt out by 5:30 last night! We went out to eat with Cody and Lindsey in Nashville and had a great night! Oh but to go along with the not so wonderful day..I got pooped on in the hair by a stupid bird while walking downtown! And the strap on the beach cover up...I mean long green dress that I love...was hanging on by string so we had to stop at a convient store to get a safety pin. I did not want to be the next wardrobe malfunction! Janet has that title..I'll let her keep it! But overall it was a great night and I enjoyed myself regardless of how not so wonderful I make it sound! :) Today I decided to take the day off! We went to church this morning, ate lunch, and although I did a little laundry, I took the day off! The 2 hour nap helped tremendously too! We have had a lot going on it seems..birthdays..work..schoolwork (which will thankfully be over with next week!)...wedding...and everything else that has been going on! It has been one busy month for sure, but it has been enjoyable! Up next for August is our 1 year anniversary! YAY!!

July 14, 2009


Happy Birthday to a man who...
  • was a wonderful father.

  • was a great "granddiddy".

  • loved God and showed everyone.

  • inspired many.

  • was always talking.

  • helped shape my husband to the man the he is today.

  • was loved by many.

  • loved fishing way more than working.

  • was always getting into something.

  • could beat anyone at Scrabble.

  • was a lover of western movie.

  • always had questions to ask Sam when there was a ballgame on.

  • always called me Holly Rose although that is not my name.

  • IS GREATLY missed, but won't be forgotten!
Happy 55th Birthday!

The Results Are In

...and I PASSED!! Four weeks ago, you might remember me saying something about having to take 4 tests this summer called Praxis tests. I told you that I would let you all know how it went and I totally, definitely PASSED the two that I took! Now I only have 2 more to worry about and I will be taking them next Saturday. It is a big relief to know that I only have to worry about 2 more though! Thanks for your prayers about all of these because I have slight freak outs about these things!! But for today..I am going to have a fabulous day because I PASSED! Woo hoo!!

July 5, 2009

4th of July

I am very sad to announce that our first 4th of July married was not photographed by me. I had my sad camera that works when it feels like it..but left the memory stick in the computer at home leaving me pictureless! It was sad..but luckily Regina had her camera so there is evidence that we celebrated our day of independence! Sam and I along with our friends and family set up camp in Nashville despite all the calls for rain and bad weather. It wasn't very crowded at least! The first wave of rain came through, but we held out like champs! We huddled close together...the boys around the food table of course..and waited out the rain. We had about an hour of no rain but no sun either! The guys threw around football, the girls chatted, and we all ate some great hotdogs and hamburgers! Due to the weather threat, the fireworks started an hour early. Luckily, we had put some of the stuff that we were not using back in the cars so if we needed to make a fast exit we would already have a head start. We watched almost half of the fireworks when the bottom dropped out of the sky. I mean sideways rain sort of deal! We all took off running in any and all directions trying to get stuff put up, but after realizing that we were already drenched..we decided to hold down our tent and finish watching the fireworks. I mean really when you think about it..we would have just been sitting in the car joining the crowd of people trying to get out, so we just waited it out in the rain. Unfortunately, there is no picture evidence anywhere of our appearance after we got everything put up. Regina had her good camera so that was one of the first things to make it to the car. If only I had my memory stick, I would've been willing to sacrifice my camera for the sake of that picture to hold as a memory! :( I mean I am going to have to get a new one one of these days anyways! So after making a feeble attempt to wring out my clothes..which just got rained on again before getting in the truck..we made our way back to my parents house to unload the gear in the safety of a house instead of the pouring rain! We got dry clothes and headed home after a very eventful night! This 4th of July will definitely be one to remember..even if I have to copy some pictures from my wonderful sister! ;)