September 26, 2010

I Will Get Better At This

I am determined to get back to my blog! I have honestly been so busy or tired that I have been neglective of my poor little blog and my one or two readers! :) I like to think that someone likes to know whats up with the Shrewsbury's and is concerned that I haven't updated. Well there are definitely some things to share. We have added to our family...and no not by way of child! We have added a little fur baby puppy to the Shrewsbury house. Sam had been mentioning it every now and then and one Sunday afternoon we headed out to get ourselves Jack.
This is Jack in the car on our way home from picking him up.

He's growing like a weed! Bailey has seemed to take to him finally. At first, Bailey's poor little life was shattered into a million pieces...and Bailey being "my" dog I got a little defensive and sided with Bailey on everything. Jack didn't have a fighting chance, but now we are all one big happy family! It's been great to see the two of them become doggy brothers!

We also took a trip at the beginning of September to Atlanta, GA to the Chick-Fil-A GameDay kick-off between UNC and LSU.

You see, I married a diehard UNC fan. Sam was born in North Carolina and has been a fan as long as I have known him. I, on the other hand, was adopted into liking UNC. Being a SEC fan growing up with my daddy, life in the ACC is a learning experience! ;) It was so great to see Sam so excited and happy to be at the game. This was my first time at a college football game and Sam's first UNC game, so it was exciting for both of us. I wore down fast though. Let's just say a entire day devoted to college football is a little rough for a not so die hard fan, but it was well worth it to spend time with Sam. Plus I got to go to IKEA for enduring a day of sports, so again WELL worth it. By the way, I am officially obsessed with IKEA so if anyone is planning on going to Atlanta anytime soon, let me know and I will tag along. I won't be noticed...just drop me off at IKEA and come pick me up when you are heading home...with a U-HAUL in tow of course! :)

I am really enjoying teaching! It is stressful and tiring, but that comes with any job! The difference is that with teaching you get breaks every month! I am looking forward to that. Next break will be in two weeks and I am so ready! Overall, it has been a wonderful experience with awesome co-workers! I even landed a great class! I seriously could not ask for anything else....except new technology stuff for my classroom would be nice..but... it's just my first year. It will come in time!
Sam is still enjoying his job. He is coming up on his one year soon! We are very happy and thankful with what God has provided us. It has definitely been a year of blessings!

There has been much more going on I am sure, but I think this highlights the most recent and big things that have been going on. Hopefully, like my title says...I will get better at this.