January 27, 2009

90 days.....

Sam and I have been feeling the newly wed pounds lately. We both are getting tired of our "love handles" and "tires" we've had going on! We've tried to watch what we eat, plan on working out, but nothing has been motivation enough! We decided that we would be each others accountability partners and do this thing called P90X. It has a nutrition guide and DVD's that last for 90 days. We are in for a treat...or hell...because this stuff is extreme!!! I do not like half the food that is on our meal plan. That could be why I have a very nice double chin and ring around my midsection! So if you see us within the next 90 days starting Feb. 1st we might...hopefully.. look different. If all goes the way we plan, we will be bathing suit ready come April which is just in time!! (I thought that an old bathing suit picture would work here!..and this was from 2 summers ago and not much working out has happened since then!)O yeah and if this isn't going to be challenging enough, 90 days will end right when school is ending too! This is going to be one fun semester!! Maybe we will keep you updated with our results...if there are results! We are suppose to take pictures day 1, day 30, day 60, and day 90 so we will see!

January 16, 2009

Jackson Hole Fun

Thanks to my grandparents and my dad, Sam and I were given the opportunity to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with our flight, stay, and limited activities paid for. How could we resist?! We got off from work and headed out on Sunday to the most beautiful winter wonderland! Our plane ride was slightly turbulant, but well worth it! We spent Sunday getting to know the lay of the land. Lesson learned was to not walk around in tennis shoes in the snow. I fell back to back down the stairs! :) No injuries to report though! We went snowmobiling and skiing on Monday and Tuesday! Both were amazing! We saw moose within feet of us! The mountains and snow....it just proved how amazing God is! Skiing was really good, but tramatic at some points for me! Going down the slopes in Wyoming is a lot different than going on the ones in West Virginia that I'm use to! I went down a very steep blue and almost flipped out..ok I basically flipped out, but the wonderful husband that Sam is talked me down and encouraged me the whole way down! The picture was our "Holy Cow I'm glad we made it down and Wow that was tiring" picture! We also had a spa for men and women on separate floors which we really loved too! After a little trouble on the way home of trying to catch our flight home due to delayment on the first flight, loss of Sam's carry on bag, and leaving his hat I gave him for Christmas on the plane...we made it home! I officially missed my first day of the semester, but it was well worth it! We came back to extremely cold temperatures, so I have an extended vacaction with no work or school till Tuesday! It was a great experience that Sam and I will never forget!

January 4, 2009

Meet Mitchell

So this blog has nothing to do with me and Sam. This is just a cute kid I wanted everyone to meet! This is Mitchell. I know you might think he is the kid from Home Alone. I know his name, but I don't know how to spell it, so the kid from Home Alone will do! Anyways...do not be fooled..this is Mitchell. He is one of those kids that can do something wrong and you have to keep yourself from laughing because he will make you laugh when you have to get on to him! Well one day he was sick and just wanted to be held. He came and got up in my lap and I was trying to get his mind off of not feeling good so I showed him the Home Alone face. He did it once or twice..got a few laughs out of it..and then remembered that he wasn't feeling good. He really wasn't too. His fever was 102.5! When he came back to school the next week, he remembered what I showed him and starting doing it for everyone! He is soo cute! I just thought that everyone should see the cuteness of this kid and share my Mitchell story!

Bringing in the New Year

Sam and I decided that this year we would bring in 2009 in a different way than in years past. In the past, we have always had a get together of some sort with all of our friends. This year everyone did their own thing. We invited Regina (my sister) and Mike (her boyfriend) over to hang out with us for New Years. We went to the Blackhorse in Clarksville and then came back to the apartment to watch the ball drop. We played a little guitar hero and before we knew it, it was 11:30, so we watched Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve until midnight. Well...somewhat...we were all dosing off here and there. This is completely off subject...but my mom has always told me that I have a tongue like that guy off of the Rolling Stones and I think that this picture proves it! lol We were the rocker supporters! Anyways back on subject...Mike and Regina had been at the Vandy game earlier in the day so they were really beat! It is amazing how when we were little or even a few years ago we could stay up the entire night on New Years Eve, but it keeps getting harder to stay awake!! It makes me a little sad! Anyways...we all hung out a little bit longer but soon called it a night because we were all not too far from our sweet little dreams that awaited us! It was really fun to spend time together! We spent New Years Day being as lazy as possible! Sam actually played a video game for 7 hours!! I was amazed!! I never have experienced the beginning of a game that Sam has gotten, but I think that it was an experience I only need once!! I hope everyone had a great New Years as well!! WELCOME 2009!!

Out with the Old...In with the New

In thinking back on 2008, it was a year of extreme highs and extreme lows with a little middle ground mixed in. I remember back in January of 2008, we were in the hospital waiting the arrival of the cutest little girl and Mr. Sam said that this year was going to be an exciting year of firsts and lasts. He was getting his first grandchild, his first (and only might I add!) daughter in law, his last child was graduating college, but never did anyone see why 2008 would also be remembered how it will be. I thank God that He gave us the memories of this year to remember forever, even if it is hard to do!! With all this said, this past year will always be remembered in the Shrewsbury household and never forgotten, but we are striving for a much better year! Sam and I are excited for the opportunities that are waiting for us in 2009! We would like to thank all of you who have been praying for us through the past year and the holiday season! It is the power of prayer that has been keeping our family going strong! So to end this blog, we wish you all a very happy new year and good luck with those resolutions!! (especially those who are going with the weight loss resolution!! Sam and I are in your boat! February 1st weight loss is on!!)