January 11, 2011

December 2010

I feel like such a blogger failure! I think I start off every post that way, but seriously last post in November?? Might as well do a catch up for December I suppose.

December was a whirlwind. I spent the week before Christmas break with some snow day downtime, so it made Christmas break feel a little longer which was very nice!

The girls have a tradition of having a Cookie Decorating/Ornament Party. This year we had a little addition, Kim's little girl Taylor, to the party with a couple of new girls that couldn't make it last year.

It's always fun to get together with the girls. We have lots of laughs that is one thing for sure! It's amazing how our conversations have changed over the years. We started out talking about our boyfriends, to our wedding, and now we are on to our husbands, big girl jobs, and family additions. Before you get any ideas, NO there is not an addition to the Shrewsbury family brewing!

The same day of the girl get together, Sam called with the proposal of a concert...Garth Brooks concert to be exact. I haven't been to a concert in FOREVER! Although, not as excited as Sam, I was excited to be doing something out of the ordinary for the Shrewsbury clan. We talked Sam's sisters into going too, so we made a night of it! We went to eat and then headed to the extremely crowded last concert Garth Brooks was doing in the 9 show run. When I say crowded, I mean packed like sardines, hold on to each other so you don't get separated in the mass, kind of crowd. We stopped for a photo opt before we headed through the crowd.

We finally made it inside and down to our seats, which would have been perfect if I was 6 feet tall. A mental note needs to be taken that I am short..therefore floor seats which are normally awesome are not so awesome when 6 ft giants are in front of you for two rows straight..we need to have stadium seating that will bring me up a little! :)

Regardless of the seats though (I sounded really bitter and ungrateful in that previous thought and that is totally not true..just the fact of the matter) it was an AWESOME show!!!!

My personal favorite of the night was when Trisha came out!

I belted out every word to everyone of her songs! It was fantastic! From 9:45 to 12:30 we were singing our hearts out to Sam's old time favorites from Garth to some that we forgot about but jumped in on the words we knew! It was definitely a night that we won't forget! We are still listening to Garth Brooks radio on Pandora!

We only had one day to recooperate before Christmas festivities began. We started off Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family having lunch at my uncles house. We chatted and enjoyed time together. The day wasn't over yet though. We hurried home and threw together soup to have soup and sandwiches at Sam's family Christmas dinner. It was great! Mrs. Terri got all the girls family aprons.

We played tea party and played several other games with Calyn too. It made for a very fun night, especially with a little snow falling on the ground too! The night had to come to an end though because Santa Claus was coming to the McGuire house!
We woke up around 7:45 on Christmas morning to get Christmas Day rolling.

Sam went above and beyond this year and got me...

...ZUMBA!! I kept talking about how I wanted a Wii so that I could get the Zumba game. Sam heard my cry of desperation and got the MOVE for his PS3. I LOVE IT!! I take a Zumba class, but being able to do it whenever I want is exactly what I wanted!
Sam got some UNC apparel to wear to the UT/UNC Music City Bowl Game, which turned out exactly like he wanted!
After enjoying our Christmas together, we packed up and headed out to a day of Christmasing. It all started at my parents house and had a huge breakfast, opened gifts, took some pictures, and played on the Kinect, which is a very fun game and very tiring all at the same time!

Around lunch, we started off to Mt. Juliet to spend time with the Ellis clan. There were plenty going on with all the kiddos running around. Every year with this side of the family, instead of buying everyone gifts, we theme Dirty Santa. This years theme was "As Seen On TV" gifts. We had many many laughs thanks to this theme! Next year is hats! Snow was continuing to come down, so Sam and I had to leave a little early to get to my grandparents house on my dad's side of the family. Yes, so if you have been keeping count that is 4 Christmas's in one day. We could make a movie. Oh wait...that's already been done! :) Sorry had to throw that in there!

We came home to a wonderful snow covered house to end our Christmas night! We crashed. It was a long, busy, fun day!

I think that catches us up for the month of December. I know it was a lot, but congrats you made it! :)