November 2, 2013


We finally have all the cousins here that were due this year, so they had to have a photo op over the past few weeks.

Calyn, Emma, Samantha, and Levi together for the first time!

Levi and Emma together. There's 10 weeks difference between them.

Back together again 3 weeks later and changed already! 

Emma's other cousins are Boone and Oliver. Oliver is 6 weeks older than Emma. Boone's not so sure about a girl on the stomping grounds, but I'm sure they will be a load of trouble when they all get together when they're older! 

To say our families grown this year is an understatement wouldn't you say? :)

Happy Halloween

We didn't get Emma a Halloween costume this year. I figure next year will work just fine for a first costume year. Instead, she just celebrated with a festive shirt and a tutu that my friend Ashleigh made her. I thought she was adorable as if she had dressed up!

 Our friends, Blake and Ashleigh, have a daughter who was born right before Halloween so her party was Halloween themed. It was a dress up party, but we kind of dropped the ball on that one. My nephew did and they were adorable!

Cute cute cute. Told you..adorable!

We finally got a family picture that didn't include a hospital gown.

I must say we are cute too! ;)

Next year...we'll do better next year! 

Meeting the Greats

Emma is officially 6 weeks old and has met quite a few people in that time frame. She has finally met all of her great-grandparents. She met my grandparents the week she was born, but getting to  Sam's grandmas was not as easy as you'd think. 

My Memaw Peggy and Papaw Joe (my dad's side) came to see her practically right after we got to the house. 

My Memaw JoAnn and Papaw Jack (my moms side) came later that week. 

She's 5 weeks here, but this picture is too sweet to not put in this post! :)

We took a trip to West Virgina while I'm on leave seeing that I will only have 5 days to take off when I get back to work and it was a whirlwind! Let's just say Emma didn't mind the trip up there but coming home and riding in her car seat another 9 hrs was not on her "I like this" list.

Emma and Grandma Shrewsbury, Sam's dad's mom. To say she was excited to her is an understatement. 

This is the closest we'll have to the generations picture. It hits you every now and then that Granddiddy Sam won't meet Emma here on Earth and this is one of them. We can't get a 4 generations picture. I'm pretty convinced that he meets her in her dreams though cause she does laugh while she sleeps a lot! 

Last weekend we finally made it to see Sam's Grandma Ellis. She was in love of course! We'll be able to get a 4 generations picture at Thanksgiving which is only in a few weeks! Good grief time is flying! I love it though because the holidays are my favorite!! 

I love that Emma has great parents to love on her on both sides of our family. I only remember one of mine and I don't think Sam ever met his. I'm glad to have the memories in pictures for Emma to have when she gets older!