August 10, 2011

Results are In

Well people, the anniversary date has come and gone. Let me first give the disclaimer that I left my camera in the truck and we took the car for our date night, so unfortunately there aren't pictures of our night. This is a pretty sad thing considering we were both looking pretty fine if I might say so myself! :)

Okay, now on to our night since I know you are anxiously awaiting to find out! ;)Sam made reservations at a restaurant in Germantown called City House. It was hard to find and looked a little run down from the outside, but I guess you have to go with the saying of don't judge a book by it's cover because it was good! I had a pizza and Sam had a sirloin, but I am pretty sure that just about anything on the menu was good. After dinner, we had more reservations to hit. We had dessert at the Melting Pot which was FABULOUS!! I am not a huge dessert person, but I could eat that fondu goodness any day!

We had such a great night! Now..what will the days of year four bring us? Who knows.

August 4, 2011


We are fast approaching that day three years ago when we committed to spending the rest of our lives together. Good times and bad times. Rich or poor. Sickness or health. Man have we covered all of these already many times and it's only been three years. :) It is so amazing to see where we started three years ago to where we are now. We argue and disagree sometimes. We hurt each others feelings sometimes. We laugh at each other and at ourselves a lot. We do not have a perfect relationship, but we do have a relationship that refuses to be complacent. We have talked several times over the past three years of our goals that we have for our marriage. Every time we agree that we want to continue to grow and learn about each other.

We started out in a one bedroom apartment. If you didn't have to start out this way, you definitely missed out on some get to know you time. When you only have one bedroom and one bathroom, there's really nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide. Literally, Sam once tried to surprise me with a movie night and you know where I was put while he set it the bathroom. Told you..nowhere to hide..... but the bathroom. Now we are blessed to be homeowners, although sometimes we miss the closeness that the one bedroom brought us. It was tight, but we didn't have anywhere to go but to be with each other. I am thankful for the other TV that the move brought us because I can only take ESPN for so long and I begin to lose it! :)

We have had so many learning experiences over the past three years and there are so many more to come! We had to learn first and foremost how to live with each other! That was a little difficult, but we got the hang of it. Clothes in the hamper..toilet seat down..toilet paper must fall to the back not over the top (hard for me to catch on) is one I am still struggling with. We have learned over the past year how manage with both of us working full time jobs. This was an adjustment for both of us too! Overall, we have learned how blessed we are! We are truly, truly blessed and it is all due to the family and friends that God has given us! You guys are the best!

We celebrated year one with a trip to Florida and St. Louis. (separately of course)

We celebrated year two with a trip to Atlanta, Georgia and Huntsville, Alabama. (separately of course!) No picture available from Huntsville.. :(

We celebrated year three ______??????____________. The next post will reveal the answer to that question. I will find that out tomorrow on our surprise dinner date! :)