October 29, 2008

Friends and Family

This past weekend was quite eventful for the two of us! Friday night we went on a double date with John and Lindsey for a dinner and a movie! We started off waiting 30 minutes for a 20 minute projected time when Lindsey and I look over and see that Chili's in Opry Mills scored a 69 on their health score!!! Everyone take note....DO NOT eat there until you check out their score again! I don't know why it was that low, but quite frankly none of us wanted to find out. We decided that for time and health sake we should just eat in the food court! We ate and went to see Saw V. I DO NOT do blood, gore, and guts at all, so I probably saw about 50% or less of the movie! At one point my ears and eyes were closed! It was alright though; no nightmares at least! We went back and played some Texas hold 'em poker, which again I was no good at! I am told that when you fold and the round is over you do not reveal what cards you had! That was where I had A LOT of difficulty. I lost all my chips because I went all in and lost to something Lindsey had, but I had two kings and they were not good enough if that means anything! The Shrewsburys went down fast to the Mahollands! Lindsey was the grand winner! Saturday we had a relaxing day in! Actually Sam went and golfed while I was suppose to do homework....I fell asleep, so I didn't get anything done! Reading something you're not interested in at all makes falling asleep so much easier! We ran into Cody and Lindsay, Sam's friends from high school, at Walmart, so they came over late Saturday night. Sunday was the highlight of the weekend for the both of us. We went to church and met up with the Barrios' for lunch. The impatient, hungry boys could not possibly wait 20 minutes for O'Charley's so we had to eat Applebee's for lunch. When we turned in our beeper at O'Charley's we were the next one in line which made the move even worse! Sam asked if I would like to see the family on Sunday, so after lunch we made our way to my parents house. It was great to get to spend time with them, even though I had to do my homework that I fell asleep on the day before! It was due by midnight; I had no choice! I had not seen my dad in forever, so it was really great to get to see him! I get to see the rest of everybody every now and then at the school or hanging out with friends, but my dad is never in those places so I really enjoyed my time! We then made a quick stop by the Barrios house to see the baby room updates and then made our way to Sam's household. We sat and talked with Sarah and Mrs. Terri for awhile and then made our way back home! It was a great day!! When I got home there was more homework to be done which kept me up until 11, but it was all worth it! I loved family and friend weekend!
***By the way, the picture is just one that I thought looked "Fallish" even though it was taken in March over spring break! Yeah spring break with sweatshirts with a little snow at the end! It was great!

October 17, 2008

Life As of Now

So there hasn't been much going on in the Shrewsbury household, but I figured I should do a little update since I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks and I am extremely bored waiting for me next class which is in a little over an hour! We haven't been overly busy which is very surprising! Softball season has come to an end!!! The coed team got 2nd place and the men's team got 4th or something. (I didn't go to that game day!) We have just been relaxing in our little home! We had John and Lindsey come for dinner over my 2 day Fall Break! That was a joke, by the way, when you come back to school to two midterms at the end of the week! I am slightly in the over school phase! This could be from lack of motivation or just the junior year slump! The end just does not seem to be in sight, but I know I should enjoy it while it lasts because that's what everyone tells me to try to do! Well everyone I am trying, but it is very difficult! :) We are getting excited about December because we are going on a little vacay to the mountains with John and Lindsey! We rented an awesome cabin and are counting down the days! Not only does this trip mean vacay, but it means that this semester has come to an end! I am a very positive person can you tell?! :) Ok back to the topic of our lives as of now....we had Sarah, Sam's sister, over last night for dinner which was really nice! She brought us some awesome apple crisp for dessert!! Yum! It won't last long in our house! Exciting news that Amanda and Steve are having a baby girl! After 3 attempts this little thing decided to be cooperative! We are SUPER excited for them!!! So I guess to sum all of this up...we are here and doing our thing! Nothing new to report, but now you have a small glimpse into what we are doing these days! 

October 1, 2008

Prayer Request

Sam and I received a call tonight with a prayer request. Christian Wilson, junior at Pleasant View Christian School, was diagnosed with leukemia today. They had originally thought that he had mono, but further tests resulted with cancer. I do not know all the details, but from what I have been told they think that they have caught it early. I think they plan on starting chemo as soon as possible. I do not personally know him and I think that Sam knows of him through his brother. He is a very good friend of my sisters and from talking to them he is a pretty awesome person. I know from our experience that the power of prayer is an awesome and powerful thing! Mr. Sam was at our wedding and I really do think that is due to the prayer power! Sam and I would like to ask you to pray for healing, comfort, and strength because the road ahead will not be an easy one!