March 8, 2011

There Must Be Something In the Water... I'll be sure to bring my own! For awhile it seemed like everyone I knew was getting married. Now that everyone is seems like the new fad is to have a baby. In the past few weeks, the total baby count in the friend/ family department has upped itself to 5. One of the mommas to be is my wonderful older sis.

If it's a boy or girl it's name will be Flowerpot. It's only fair since that's what Regina wanted to name all of us. Also in the running is Ralph (what their cat was named until they changed it to Phoenix..come to find out Ralph would've worked best cause she was REALLY a he) and Marvin (the name of a little boy's homework found in the little baby shoes they got while in Costa Rica). Not sure which one is going to win out. I am a for real real aunt. :) I've been an aunt for three years now, but biologically this is the first go around.

Congrats to all my friends and family who are getting new additions this year! The Shrewsbury's are up for babysitting as long as we can send them back to you! :)

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