August 9, 2010

So Much To Do...So Little Time

There is so much going on in our lives these days it's hard to keep everything straight. Sam and I are trying to get use to a new normal for us. I am now working full time which is a really fun and odd thing to grasp. I was actually getting ready this morning to head off for my first full day of school when it hit me; This is your life now! It really didn't seem real last week. While I am still learning and trying to figure everything out, this is my real life now. I am no longer the student teacher, I am the students' teacher. It's amazing! I have had a great time so far with my kids. I think that we have lucked out and gotten a great bunch of kids this year, but I might be a little biased when I say that. :) It is definitely going to be a fun year!

Sam and I also are celebrating two years of married life together! While we have been a couple for almost seven years, two years of that we have been married! :) It has flown by! It seems like yesterday we were talking about our wedding and honeymoon and things of that nature now 2 years and here we are. Last year we took a vacation early in June to celebrate our anniversary and then took a weekend getaway trip to St. Louis when our anniversary actually rolled around. This year we had to do things a little different. This summer has been crazy so we never really got the chance to really get away and celebrate, so before the hustle and bustle of this week came along Sam book us a night in a hotel in Huntsville, AL. We went to the space center and downtown Huntsville, but the heat was a lot to take in, so we started back to Nashville early Sat. afternoon. It has been a wonderful roller coaster the past two years, but I wouldn't ask for anything different! Here's to many more years of this crazy, wonderful life for us Shrewsbury's!

Oh funny thing..writing our last name made me think of this..So the kids have to call me Mrs. Shrewsbury, which I am getting use to. I'm use to hearing Mrs. Holly a thousand times a day, but I'm getting the hang of it. Anyways..I have noticed that some kids all me Mrs. Shrewbury and it completely catches me off guard. There are so many other ways for people to pronounce our name that I don't think a thing about, but leaving out the "s" in Shrewsbury really makes a difference to its sounds. Just saying...ok well everyone have a great week and I am off to work...

August 2, 2010

Ready or Not...

...The school year comes! It is hard to believe that 2 months ago I was writing about how I had a job! Man has time FLOWN by this summer! It feels like it was only yesterday that I was complaining about having nothing to do during the month of May. I have plenty to do now that is for sure! I have been working hard on my room ever since I got the key in mid-July and I still feel like it needs more to be done to it. Luckily, with the help of friends and family it has come together quickly to be ready for THIS FRIDAY!! It's crazy. This Friday, I will officially be responsible for these 6th graders. It is no longer a fun thing to THINK about, it is a REALITY! Tomorrow I meet the parents of my students and then come Friday the students are here. I have not managed to remember to take pictures of my room but don't fret! I will remember to take my camera tomorrow or at least before the kiddos get there on Friday and share with you my room! It is definitely my taste of a classroom. Alright everybody....ready or not..bring on the 6th graders!