February 16, 2009

6 Months+Valentines+Babysitting+ A Heart Shaped Pizza=Wonderful

Sam and I decided to make our celebration of our 6 month wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day a combo this year. On Monday, Feb. 9th (6 months) we went to the Melting Pot for celebration. This is our favorite celebration spot and we seem to be making it a trend to go every 2 years! We had such a great time. Sam had called ahead and made plans for roses to be on the table and to have our picture taken. This was done for a 2 year dating anniversary too so it would be interesting to put to two pictures side by side and see how much we've changed in four years!! WOW! That seems like such a long time ago now that I just wrote that! Anyway..that picture will have to be tracked down. I think I purposefully left it at my parents house. It wasn't the best picture. I would still have the roses too but Sam told me that my dead dried up roses couldn't make the trip to the apartment, so they are now part of my parents lawn! Back to the blog, we had a wonderful night together and wonderful food. To those of you who are wondering, yes we definitely broke the diet and it was WELL worth it! Dessert was fabulous!! For the real Valentine's Day, Sam and I babysat Calyn so that Chris and Gina could have a night out. We had a blast even though it took us until 9 o'clock to get Calyn to sleep. She was so funny! She is making up her own conversation and telling us no and walking everywhere and barking like a dog! She is a pretty entertaining kid to say the least! For dinner, we broke the diet again and ordered a heart shaped pizza from Papa John's. It really was heart shaped, yet not cut. It was too funny! To be honest, it wasn't as good as pizza normally is for the two of us, but it is still cool to say that for Valentine's Day we had a heart shaped pizza. I mean what says love more than a heart shaped pizza?! haha We finally got Calyn asleep and I got some really cute pictures of her and Sam. She would only lay on Sam's chest. It was so sweet! This is bath time. At first it was all fun and games and then came the soap! When the soap came so did the tears and screams and everything else. I did manage to create a cool hair style before we pulled her out, so I had to share!

February 4, 2009

Prayer Please

Lindsey and John are extremely close friends ours and they asked for prayer for us when we needed it the most, so I am returning the favor and asking for prayer for them! Lindsey's mom has been admitted to the hospital and as of the time of my posting they do not know what is wrong with her. They have run several tests with all of them coming back normal. Please pray that God will give the doctors wisdom to find out the problem and that Leah will have a quick recovery! Pray that God will give Lindsey, John, Sterling, April, and Larry the peace and patience that can only come from Him. Thank you guys so very much! The power of prayer is a wonderful thing!!

February 1, 2009

One Busy But Fun Week!!

We had a busy week this week! Monday was Sarah's 25th birthday, so Sam and I had all of the family over to celebrate! We had lasanga and salad with a little birthday cake and ice cream on the side. We had so much fun. We got out Guitar Hero and everyone played...Sam, me, Chris, Sarah, Gina, and Mrs. Terri!! Calyn danced and tried to help some of us! We laughed and laughed at everyone's rockability! Tuesday and Wednesday were my relaxing day thanks to the ice and snow that we got! Sam actually got a snow day too on Wednesday!! I was informed that when you get a big people job that you don't get snow day's anymore and then I informed Sam that I will always have snow days even when I do have a big people job! So HA! (I am going to school to be a teacher if that didn't make since to some people!) Thursday night I had a girls night out with Gina, Sarah, and Mrs. Terri. We met at Panera Bread downtown for dinner and then headed to the Ryman to watch Chonda Pierce. She was hilarious! I knew and had heard her before, but everyone else had not! We laughed, we cried, we laughed till we cried...it was a wonderful night! They will actually use that show for the DVD which will be out in March. The show is called "This ain't Prettyville" which now I will have that song stuck in head my head for awhile, but I would definitely get it! She is Cheatham County native... Ashland City folk! She was a few years ahead of my dad in school at Cheatham County Central! Fun Fact! Anyways, we all had a great night and enjoyed each others company. Friday, Sam and I went to Homecoming. It is amazing that it was 5 years ago that Sam graduated and 3 for me!! Time flys when you are having fun I guess...or working...! Hope everyone has a great week! We start P90X tomorrow! Woo HOO!

Happy 1st Birthday Calyn!!

Friday was Calyn Marie McGuire's 1st birthday! I cannot believe that it was a year ago that Sam and I had the brillant idea of spending the night at the hospital waiting on little Calyn to get here. It turned out the be the most unbrilliant idea since we slept in the waiting room and people who are having planned c-sections get there WAY early in the morning and talk as if noone else is in the room! Finally, on Jan. 30th at 3:07 P.M. Calyn entered this world and has brought nothing but joy to the Shrewsbury family! We all went over to Mrs. Terri's to celebrate! There were about 20 people all gathered around this little girl, who is now walking and trying to talk. We are pretty sure she said Nana and balloon and then a lot of babble! She got a lot of great outfits and toys! She loved eating her cake! She had icing smeared all over her checks, which ended up getting stained just a little with a hint of pink! Everyone had smiles on their faces! We all knew that Mr. Sam was not missing out on a party! He was there and enjoying everything right along with us! Now all I need to do is starting working on getting Calyn to say Holly..or Hawee! It works too! :)