September 19, 2009

Womack Wedding

It has been the season of weddings around here or at least it seems that way! August has been the only wedding that we have not had a wedding to attend since June! In two weeks, we will be celebrating Regina and Mike's wedding, but today it was all about Rachel and Tyler. Sam was a groomsman and he looked rather sharp! The wedding was beautiful! It brought in fall in with navy and burnt orange. Lindsey and I were each others dates for the day because our men were both busy. John was working and Sam was on groomsman duty. Tyler is a HUGE Florida fan, so the fact that the wedding and kick-off to the Florida-UT game was at the same time at the wedding made for a good opening ceremony! The reception was gorgeous, but nothing came near Rachel! She was stunning! Congrats Rachel and Tyler Womack! We are very happy for you two!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Friday was my 21st birthday! I celebrated in style by taking the entire day off! I don't have school on Friday's, but I took the day off of work the day that I started back to work in August! :) I figured I might as well do it now while I still can! Birthdays here on out will be while I am working in a real job, so I took the opportunity while I had it and what better birthday to do it than your 21st! I went to lunch with Sam and spent the rest of the day shopping. I came home with some jewelry to wear that night, so it was a success I guess. When Sam got home from work, we took off to Nashville to go eat at Nero's Grill in Green Hills with some friends. It was a great night, even though we got caught in the pouring rain at one point! It was a great birthday! Sam got me a camera which was very much needed as I have already explained. It has been great to have around too!

September 11, 2009

Fabulous Finds...

So Lindsey has introduced me to something new that I have never been too before. Last month, a small group of us girls took off one Friday morning, rather early for me, and headed to the Flea Market in Nashville. This was my first experience and WOW I was in in shock of all the fabulous things that were there. Sam and I have been wanting to "amp up" our living room and other areas around the house, so this is what I had in mind as I walked around the many, many places. Well, low and behold, what do you know I found some perfect things for our living room! The best part is that it was all 75% off, so I paid basically nothing for it! So here they are.
I added the pop of color with red and green from Hobby Lobby and with those adds, I love them in our living room! I also found some great Fiestaware at a booth that is again adding more color to our kitchen too! My dad and I have been working on a box thing to put on the wall in our kitchen to display some of the wonderful colors that can be found our fiestaware! I will post a picture of that when I get it up on the wall! The last find was two plates that I have put a candle on as a centerpiece to the coffee table! It is all wonderful! I cannot wait to return in two weeks to make another go at it! I get so many ideas, it's just insane! Oh yeah, I got to post pictures thanks to my wonderful husband Sam who bought me a new camera for my birthday!!! Thanks babe!!! More about my birthday later though, since it is only 11 o'clock and I've only been sitting on the couch! It's been a wonderful, relaxing birthday morning though! Now, off to lunch with Sam!