August 22, 2012

Like the Good Ole Days

When I was growing up, my family would go to a Braves game every summer, generally over Father's Day weekend. We would go with my dad's family and stay at one point in this really big house and then moved on to hotels when the house wasn't available for use anymore. We started out going to Fulton before 1996 when Turner Field was built for the Olympics. We stopped going probably ten years back, mostly because of busy schedules, but also because my grandpa has had many problems with his knees and difficulty walking around for long distances.

This year Chipper Jones is retiring. You don't really have to be a Braves fan or baseball fan for that matter to know who he is. He is the last standing Braves player that I remember growing up watching. You see if we weren't at the games, we were watching it at home. This is something that I have brought into my home. Sam and I watch the Braves together now! :) My grandma called me over the summer to see if there was a time when Sam and I would be able to get a weekend away to go to a game. Of course we could find a weekend to go to a Braves game, so last weekend, by some miracle, my dad's family along with my immediate family spent the weekend in Atlanta watching the Braves play. Unfortunately, the games that we went to were not wins for the Braves, but we all got to spend time together so it was still enjoyable!

 Sam and I on the first night of games. It had rained as soon as we walked in the gate, but stopped before game time.
 I finally got my Braves shirt after walking around vender street as I so appropriately named it. Finally, a shirt that I can wear to any game without having to worry about a player not being on the team anymore!
 This was the view while we ate lunch. We were on the 2nd level. Our seats were on the 4th, but still had a great view!
 Survived the heat on game two. Luckily, it decided to rain after we had already made it to the car and on our way home.
 My family (minus Moriah who rode home with our cousin Alex) stopped in Chattanooga to eat supper. We ate at Sugar Ribs and man was it delicious! I would go back there in a heart beat. Notice that there are goats in the picture...
 Yes, goats to visit while you eat. This one wanted some attention from Mike. I was a little freaked when he hopped on up to the fence!
We ended our dinner together and a weekend trip with a beautiful sunset. It was really fun to get away with my family. I don't think that we have done anything like that since Sam and I have been married. I do believe that this must happen again!

August 11, 2012

Four Years Ago..

Four years ago today, this was the view that we were enjoying from our ocean view room in Cancun, Mexico. We were also watching the 2008 Olympics every night because even though we were on our honeymoon, the Olympics only happen every four years. :) Hello? Shawn Johnson killing it on the gymnastics floor, Michael Phelps winning a million gold medals. remember it!
 Four years ago, we were still holding on to Sam's dad. While I refuse to remember him like this, this is Sam and his dad at our wedding. He had been feeling especially bad during the week before our wedding and had made plans on how to show him our wedding from a videocam, so he could stay home. Four years ago, God had us in mind when he gave Mr. Sam the energy to attend every bit of our wedding and reception. We are so stinking thankful that although we didn't have as long as we wanted with such a great man that he could come to the happiest day in our life.

Most importantly, four years ago we made the toughest and most important commitment there is to make. For the past four years, we have been through good times and bad, rich and poor times, sickness and health, and have loved and cherished each other every day. That's not to say that we have liked each other every day. That's not to say that this marriage has been a breeze. We would never pretend that it is easy; it's work and some days it's hard, but it is so worth it. For four years, I have woke up everyday with the love of my life next to me. We encourage and boost each other up whether it's needed or not. We also tell each other that we are being selfish and silly too! We aren't the perfect married couple, but we are pretty awesome if you ask me!

To many, many, many more years...I love you MORE Sammy Shrew!

Sam's Turn

 A month ago, I went and got an awesome tattoo! This week it was Sam's turn to get his tattoo. After much debate and research of languages, Sam decided to get his tattoo on his bicep.

It is love written in Hebrew. Both of our tattoos are in memory of Sam's dad. Sam got love tattooed because that is what his dad always told him no matter what the circumstance. They could have been in an argument or been on great terms, but he always told Sam that he loved him. It's amazing because this isn't anything that seems out of the ordinary to me, but the realization that some people have parents that don't tell their kids they are loved hit hard while talking to our tattoo artist. He can't remember his dad telling him he loved him, which made me thankful for Sam's memory of his dad. It also made me realize how lucky Sam and I are to have such great examples of Godly parents who tell their kids they love them.