September 27, 2008

Kroger vs. Walmart

This is a random, but necessary post so that I can vent a little. Sam and I live behind a Walmart, so of course this is where we do our grocery shopping. Well, a Kroger is just down the road, so Sam and I thought, "Hey, why not try out a different place and see what the difference is!" We had a Kroger plus card so we thought for this past grocery run that we would just go there and see how it was. Let me just say...WE WILL NEVER RETURN!! The prices are so much higher! For example, we get Martha White Blueberry Muffins. Walmart price=$.88 Kroger price=$1.19!! Case in point my friend!! There were more instances than that! I also think it's sad that I've learned the prices at Walmart and I just thought that! Even the generic brand prices were higher! I wanted to just put everything back and go to Walmart! To makes things even worse, we were shopping at 10 o'clock at night so all the registers were closed except for the self checkout! Let me tell you that it is ridiculous to checkout 47 items in the self check out. You cannot put the bags in your cart until your purchase is complete, so that was an added pain! I left that place in the worse mood possible! Sam was right though, we had food and we learned a very valuable lesson! Walmart is where we shall shop! (We want to try out Publix, but that's nowhere around here!) Like I said, this is random but I had to get that out there! :)

First Date Day!

I hope everyone has been enjoying our wedding pictures! I absolutely love them, but I am slightly biased on that! But anyway, last Sunday, Sam and I got to go to the Titans game. We thought about it and realized that it was the first time we had gone out together for something other than food since we got married. We've gone to dinner and been out with friends, but this was our first married date out! We had a blast even though the weatherman gave us a faulty weather forecast! What is new really? (This is Sam's "I'm hot with no sunglasses" face and my "It'll be ok just smile" face!)
We thought that it was going to be a isolated shower low 80's day and the weatherman thought so too! Boy, were we all wrong!! The sun shown bright with hardly any clouds in the sky and we were dressed in tennis shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt! We even had a jacket and a blanket in the car! We were prepared for the not-real cold weather! I will add that Amanda did give us warning to wear shorts and sunscreen, but we chose to be ignore the warning! Lesson learned! We hiked our way up to the 3rd level! We had great seats though! I could see everything, just be sure not to trip cause that would be a very long fall! :) It was a great day! The Titans won and we got to spend the day together!! If there would've only been some clouds!

September 25, 2008

More Pictures to View

Alright, so now you can see more than just six of our wedding pictures!!! Sam and I, along with my mom, dad, and Regina, went out to the Factory in Franklin to attend a picture viewing! It was so cool! We sat on a couch, tissues in hand, popcorn popped, and lights dimmed ready to view all the wedding pictures. It was pretty emotional, but they are wonderful! It is great to have those pictures to remember forever how important and special that day was for Sam and I beyond just the wedding itself! Hopefully, that makes sense! Krystal, the owner of Mint and Sage, loaded the slideshow of their favorite pics! Again follow the link to the blog and you can see them. On the website,, if you click on view your images, you can find all of our wedding pictures. It is named Sam and Holly of course. It will ask for a pass code which is our wedding date, 080908! You can order pictures from there from what I understand! Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

September 18, 2008


The long awaited arrival of wedding pictures is finally here...kind of! If you follow my link to Mint and Sage's blog, you will be able to view a few of the photographers favorites! I absolutely love them too! Next Wed., we are going to their studio for a photo viewing party to see all of the wedding pictures! Sam and I are really excited..actually I think that I am more excited than he is, but still! I hope all of you enjoy them as much as I do!! When I get the pass code to view all of them I will let you all know!

September 12, 2008

Where does Emily get it from?

So some of you might be thinking...where does Emily get all of this silliness? The answer is..her father! Steve and Sam have something in common. They can shave in the morning and by 12 o'clock, they have a 5 o'clock shadow. We walk in the apartment last night and Steve shoots straight for the bathroom. You think he just has to go to the bathroom and he might have had to, but I guess while he was in there he got the bright idea to give himself a mustache. Yes...a mustache. This was his look number one.

So that was not enough...even though we were all rolling in the floor. He really looked like a Cheatham countian. He returns to our room and comes out with another look which looked like this This is police officer Steve. I think he even got Sam's razor thing to use as a gun to make the look that much more complete. He made Hitler mustache also before shaving his entire face. I didn't get pictures of the last two looks. By the way, Emily was his photographer. Is anyone suprised? This made my birthday even more memorable.

Drunk off Chocolate

Emily Barrios is the coolest kid you'll ever meet. She can drive you mad or make your sides hurt from laughing about something she's done or sad. Well, last night was no exception. When we got to Shogun's, she announced to everyone listening that we were sorry we were late, but that Amanda missed the turn in. Which might I add, we didn't miss it....we just came in on two wheels! Hahaha not really, but we could have if we would have told her to turn any later! Emily made friends with the chef like always. I don't think the child ever meets a stranger! She was funny there, but once we were at the apartment I think the beginning of the sugar rush was starting. When Lindsey was getting the cake ready, Emily was helping her by licking off the chocolate icing. To eliminate this problem, Lindsey gave her a spatula with chocolate icing! By the time we sat down to eat cake, sugar was going full force! She had chocolate all over her face and at one time she was drinking milk by trying to lap it like a dog. She wasn't trying to be funny though, I really think she had started to become drunk of chocolate! I'm sure that by the time Amanda got her in the car, Emily had started to crash!

So Long Teens!!

Yesterday was my 20th birthday! I am officially out of my teenhood...half way to forty....however you want to think it....I am 20! I had a great birthday! I woke up with Sam and spent some time with him before he had to go to work. He actually was a little late for work because I wanted to open my birthday present. He got my some awesome smelling perfume! I love it and it's in a cool looking bottle which makes it even better! Since I was awake, I decided instead of sitting in the apartment alone, I would go out and shop a little before I had to go to my class. I got some frames and makeup as my gift to myself! After school and work, the Maholland's and the Barrios' met up at our house and we went to Shogun. Emily was the entertainment of the night at Shogun. I've eaten Japanese quite a bit, but this was a great experience when you go with a 4 year old who has no cares in the world! I actually think that Emily was more excited about my birthday than I was! She made sure to tell everyone that it was my birthday! We came back to the house and I opened some more presents and ate some wonderful cake that Lindsey made! Delicious! It was a great night! Too bad I had to run everyone off cause I had an 8 o'clock class! Next year, the birthday is on Friday, so I will not run into this problem again!

September 10, 2008

One Month

Well, it's been a crazy month, but yesterday was our official one month anniversary! I like to say one down...thousands more to go! We've been extremely busy the past month! Both of us started back to work. I started school. We spent a lot of time with the family. We have softball, football to watch, church; we've really just been busy and that's how to sum it up! It has been great though! I love my new life and husband!
This is one of our engagement pictures that Regina took, but it's small and fuzzy. I don't think I did this one right!
By the way, I'm 20 tomorrow! Woo hoo!!

September 9, 2008

First Recipe Success!

So last Saturday night, Sam had some of the guys over to watch football. By the way, football will rule our house for the next 20 weeks! I LOVE football these days! We watch highlights in the morning, new games, and then the highlights of those games we just watched at night! I mean really sports are awesome! Okay so I might be slightly sarcastic, but I knew ahead of time that Sam loves sports! Next, we will be watching basketball all the time! I never catch a sports break! Okay so back to the story..I tried to make my famous start from scratch cookies Saturday while his friends were here. Needless to say, they were not the prettiest cookies made! One of the guys thought it was nachos and beef...when it was a mound of chocolate chip cookies! That might explain the look of these cookies! I was irritated, but they taste good and were a hit regardless! Sam had picked out two recipes from our books we were given, so I decided to give one of them a try! Last night I made cheesy chicken enchiladas and they were great! I was so proud! It came from a book titled, "Anyone Can Cook!" I guess the book is right because we both thought it was delicious! It would be even better if someone...cough cough Amanda...would tell me how to do guacamole! :) We are making a book of the recipes that we like, so this will definitely be added! Actually, this is the first one! Woo hoo!