November 26, 2011

Friends Thanksgiving

In years past, our friends have gotten together for a Halloween party. This year though Halloween snuck up on us and we didn't get anything planned in time. Instead, we decided that we would put together a Friends Thanksgiving. Being that Sam and I are the only ones without kids, we decided that it would be easier to have the get together at our house and everyone would bring a Thanksgiving style dish. Tyler and Rachel brought the best turkey I have ever eaten, which is saying something because I don't really like turkey that is not deli know I like the processed stuff! :) It was a beautiful, juicy turkey.

To complete the meal, we had mac and cheese, green beans, broccoli and rice casserole, sweet potatoes, and rolls.

I forgot to take a picture of the dessert table, but for dessert we had pumpkin pie, chess pie, pecan pie, no bake oatmeal cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. It was all delicious!

Our group is growing quickly with all the kids getting added to the mix.

We found out tonight that friends of ours are expecting their second baby! :) A little boy to be exact! YAY!!

We have had a whirlwind of a Thanksgiving this year, but it has been great! We have one more to go tomorrow with the Claud family and then we will be in full Christmas mode!

November 20, 2011


It is that time of year again when people begin to reflect on the things that they are most thankful to have in their lives. As I read through several people's daily postings on Facebook, I began to think about the things that I am really thankful for. While I believe that people really are thankful to be in a size smaller pair of jeans, let's face it ladies..we all get excited when a smaller size fits, I think about what really matters. Yes, it is nice that this year I don't feel like I look like a can of biscuits getting ready to pop out of its little canister, but is that really what I am MOST thankful for?

I am thankful to have a husband, who loves me for being who I am. A husband who tells me every morning I am beautiful, even when I feel like I look my worst. A husband who can make me laugh when all I really want to do is cry. A husband who is blunt and real with me. A husband who motivates and encourages me to do the things I want to do.

I am thankful for old and new friends. Over the past year, Sam and I have found some new friendships. We have also grown closer with old friends.

I am thankful for new additions. This not only is applying to my new nephew, Boone, but also to the many additions that are coming by way of our friends. Our get togethers have taken on a new excitement that is for sure.

I am thankful for family. For parents that love and support us no matter what. For sisters who are there for us, who make us laugh, and sometimes make us mad. For nieces that can bring a smile to our face the moment they say "Hi Uncle Samuel! Hi Aunt Holly!" For two brother in laws that are loving and caring husbands and daddies!

This year though I am MOST thankful for a God who protects, loves, and heals in His plan. While we might not ever understand why it was not in God's plan to allow us to spend more holidays with Sam's dad, we are thankful for the healing that God provides overtime. I am thankful that we can celebrate and be thankful for the family that we have here on Earth, but still have faith that we will one day get to sit with one another again! I am thankful that God protected my uncle this week as he went through a quadruple by-pass surgery. I am thankful he was with doctors when he had a heart attack. I am thankful that the surgery went well. I am thankful that I get to spend more holidays with him, nagging at him over anything and everything I can. We have that special relationship that a niece and uncle can have. It started long, long ago, but I guess I'll have to play nice for a little while so he can get into shape.

This year, be thankful for the family that you have sitting around your table whether big or small. Be thankful that you are healthy. Be thankful you have a home and a job even if it is not your dream home or job. This year, be thankful for a God who has a plan for you in this upcoming year!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!