April 26, 2010

Welcome Baby Girl!

We are on the downhill slide of the exciting things happening in our family! I only have less than two weeks left until I will walk across the stage at Austin Peay! That's the next thing up, but that is not what this post is about! This post is about the newest addition to the McGuire family! On Wednesday, April 21st baby girl Samantha Claire came into this world! It is such a blessing to see and hold such a beautiful and wonderful little girl. I don't know who was more excited to meet Samantha, but I know one little girl who could not wait to see her! Calyn was so excited about her baby sister! I know that they are going to be busy little bees, but it will be well-worth it! We love our newest little neice! Congratulations Gina, Chris, and Calyn!!! We love you!!!

April 12, 2010

Easter Sunday

This Easter came up on us fast with us even really preparing for it. Since we spent the weekend moving, it was nice to take a somewhat break from the craziness of it all. It was really hard for me to get ready on Sunday morning! Normally, Easter Sunday is the only Sunday of the year that I don't have to try on a million things before I decide on an outfit that will do. Well, an Easter dress was not to be found this year. I didn't really look that hard to be honest. :) Sam and I got up and went to the Easter service at our church. It was packed like I'm sure several other services were on Sunday! We came home and I made some sides to have at the Shrewsbury Easter gathering! We had delicious food and wonderful family time. We got to have a little Easter egg hunt for Calyn. Let me tell you, an Easter egg hunt is pretty fun to have with a 2 year old and it lasts for quite some time! We blew bubbles, played dress up, and colored eggs. Calyn learning to blow bubbles was hilarious. I got in the way of spit several times! :) After spending time with the Shrewsbury clan, we packed up our side dishes and headed to the Claud gathering. It was a family day and we loved it! Tiring for sure, but loved it!
Here are some of the pictures of the day:

Welcome Home

A week and a half ago we closed on our very own first home!

It definitely was a whirlwind of a week. There has been a million different things to do with my student teaching, getting ready for the move, and Sam working, but we triumphed through and have finally settled into our OWN home! We have most everything in its place, although there is one box that I refuse to go through because I don't know where to put it! The kitchen is definitely the first room to fill up fast! Before we started the moving process, we had to stop to enjoy the moment. We had a nice, pleasant lunch at the fabulous Springfield restaurant, The Depot. After lunch we knew it was time to start setting up our home! Thankfully, we had wonderful friends and family who came to our rescue to help make the unpacking process a lot easier. By the end of Wednesday night (the same day we closed), everything but clothes had a home! It was a miracle by far! We cannot thank everyone enough for their help and prayers for our family as we have been going through such an exciting time in our life! The next adventure we have coming down the pike is the birth of Baby Girl McGuire and my graduation! All of this will be happening in less than a month, so stay tuned for the updates as they happen! I will be back on the grid now that everything is finally starting to settle down! God has blessed far more than we can imagine and we are so thankful for that! The blessings are just going to continue to pour and I cannot wait to share them with you!
It is so nice to be able to say Welcome Home!