March 20, 2010

We're Moving!!

That's right people. Your eyes are not deceiving you! We are in fact moving to OUR OWN HOUSE!!! We have been looking for quite some time and in February we found the house we had been on the hunt for. Luckily for us, the price was right too! We have exactly 11 more days until we close on the house and begin moving from our apartment to OUR HOME! I love the thought and very soon that thought is going to be a reality! We are currently living in the state of destruction. We started the packing process about a week ago, just to get a head start. Ever since then, the boxes and junk continue to pile up on us. It is driving me insane, but I know that it has to be a mess for now until we actually can put things into a trailer and haul it out of here! I never knew how much stuff we acquired over the past year and a half, but man oh man there is a ton of stuff that this little apartment has been holding! I would love to share some photos of the state of the house at the moment..actually I wouldn't...but (un)fortunately the camera was never found so I can't! :) On a good note though, I was able to get a new one so that I can share all the wonderful moments that are coming up! In our very near future we will have a new house, a new niece, and a new graduate!!! All in a matter of 2 months, so I had to get a new one to capture it all! Needless to say, the Shrewsbury household is in for a whirlwind!