February 24, 2013


In August last year, Sam and I experienced what anyone wanting to start a family doesn't want to go through. We found out we were expecting, but soon after learned that the timing wasn't God's plan. My doctor had found a polyp in July, but didn't think that it was anything to be concerned about, but turns out it was too big and in just the right spot to keep our baby from growing. At the time, I questioned why us. We waited and planned and did everything "right". I had plans of how I was going to tell Sam and our family, but those plans didn't come to life. The months of August and September were two of the most difficult months I have experienced. I was mad, hurt, questioning what I did wrong, what I could have changed, etc. I had to go for countless blood tests..sitting in a waiting room with newly pregnant to ready to pop women, each time being told everything looked normal. We were told to wait. I know that I was learning a lesson in patience, but at the time I just wanted it to end and every call made it that much harder. In October, I had surgery to remove the polyp that caused the miscarriage and again was told to wait just a little longer. It hurt to see everyone else being able to go about their lives and add to their families while we waited. In November, we found out that we would be an uncle and aunt again and while I wanted to be overjoyed and happy, I was reminded that it wasn't our time. We finally got the clear in December and while we were waiting again (this time to find out if we were going to be parents), we found out that we were going to be an aunt and uncle again this year. Again when I should have been happy, I broke down in the middle of Target telling Sam I just wanted to be a mommy. I was tired of hearing everyone else's happy news and not being able to be genuinely happy for them...for my own family to say the least. My patience was wearing so thin and I didn't know the person that I had become but God had a plan. A week after finding out my sisters news, I found out that I had news of my own! We were hesitate to get our hopes up. I waited for the worst...and continued to wait. I wouldn't let myself get attached and make big plans. When we went to the doctor, I waited for them to tell us bad news, but the bad news never came.  Instead, we saw a tiny little peanut with a strong heartbeat. We told our families when we were 8 weeks and that was the hardest secret to keep! I didn't talk to my mom leading her to think she had made me mad, but I just couldn't let the secret slip! :) 

Introducing baby Shrew!
Jeremiah 29:11
While we are nearing the end of the first trimester, I still worry about whether we will hear the heartbeat on our next visit, but in the end I know that God has a plan for the Shrewsbury's. He has had a plan ever since He put the two of us together and will continue to bless us. It is very safe to say that our families are definitely doing some growing this year and will have plenty of blessings coming our way from July through September! :)