July 27, 2013

Nashville Dancin'

Back in the day it was called Dancing in the District, but I guess to make it a little different it's now called Nashville Dancin' and that's exactly where we were Thursday night. Sam and I are all about free entertainment, so the chance to hang out on the riverfront and listen to some music for free was right up our alley. We've been crazy busy, so the chance to have a really cheap impromptu date night was really appealing! Of course not everything about the night was free because I had to have Jeni's ice cream! 
I love this place and was a must get when I saw their food truck on the riverfront. If you haven't been, you should make note that you need to try it out! 

We made it to listen to a couple of bands, neither of which we knew, but we still enjoyed each others company and the view on the river. It was such a nice night having had these unusually cooler July nights! 

July 19, 2013

One of two...

One of two of my nephews that were due to arrive this summer has made his grand appearance. Sam's sister had her third child, welcoming a healthy baby boy. After two girls, they needed this new baby to be a boy to bring some testosterone to the home. 
Levi Jameson is his name. My sister is due in a few weeks with another boy. A few weeks more to wait after the little baby Hampton makes his debut and we'll have our little diva here! 

July 16, 2013

Atlanta Mini Vacation

The reality of a vacation getaway to a beach was just not gonna happen this year. It was actually starting to seem like a vacation if any sort this summer wasn't in the cards when my doctor told me I couldn't travel past 2 hrs out of Nashville. I still have 2 months to go before little bits expected arrival so this seemed a bit early to put all travel plans aside. This past week Sam and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Atlanta to see the Braves play and go against the doctors recommendation. There's plenty of hospitals in Atlanta if something unexpected were to happen...she just wouldn't get paid. ;) 

It wasn't a beach vacation, but it was still a perfect mini vacation for the two of us. Trips are going to come few and far between with little bit in tow so we were excited to take advantage of the time we have. We went to two games vs the Reds and did a little shopping at Ikea. It's  a must go to when we are in town. 

Now we are back to reality. Sams back at work and I'm getting ready to start getting my classroom put back together to start the school year in less than a month. This summer has flown by, but it just means we are getting that much closer to meeting Emma Rose so I won't complain too much about it going fast! :) 

July 4th

This year we decided to do things a little different from our normal 4th of July plans. The past 4 years we've gone to Nashville and set up a spot to grill and hang out until the fireworks. Luckily, this year we changed plans since it decided to be crazy rainy!

We went to a friends house to grill and hang out. We played cornhole and shot off our own fireworks. This was a lesson learned. We are better off going to Nashville. No one gets in harms way with fireworks when we just watch them in Nashville. It was nice to change things up...and have access to a bathroom not Porta John...but we've decided that change isn't always a good thing! :) 

Chicago Getaway

I haven't posted in decades it seems and we've been pretty busy. I had the goal last year of completing a half marathon and did it! This year Sam made the goal of doing a run called the Tough Mudder. This is a 12 mile run with about 25 obstacles to complete during the run. He started training in January for the run in May that was in Chicago. I got a trip to Chicago out of the deal. :) Sam and I got there in time to go to Wrigley Field too.

 I am a huge baseball fan and while I might not be a Chicago Cubs fan, going to see Wrigley is on any baseball fans bucket list. It was pretty chilly, but we had a great time at the game. Our friends Melinda and Dan met us up there later Saturday night to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Sam and the team survived the run while Melinda and I survived a day full of shopping. It was fabulous! I found a new love of public transportation after walking everywhere. Buses and L trains are awesome! My CTA card was amazing and got my monies worth out of it. Before we made the trip home, we took a little scenic trip around town and saw the Bean and Buckingham Fountain along with Lake Michigan. I loved Chicago and would love to go back! Here are some pictures from the weekend.