November 29, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving

Our first Thanksgiving was quite different than both of our Thanksgiving's past. We would normally go to Sam's grandmother's house in Mt. Juliet, but this year we all just wanted to have time to ourselves. Mrs. Terri and Sarah went to Gatlinburg and Gina went to Missouri where Chris's family is from, so Sam and I decided to spend our Thanksgiving together with just the two of us. We spent the entire day being as lazy as humanly possible! We slept in till 9:30.We made some orange rolls. We watched the Titans slaughter the Lions. We finally left the apartment! We went to my parents house where my mom made a delicious dinner! There was so much food! It was really cool though because for years we have always had the same routine on both sides: Sam always goes to his Mt. Juliet grandmothers and I always go to my grandmothers on my dad's side. This year we both did something different. My mom's parents came over and we all sat down to a Thanksgiving dinner feast! We are going to my aunt and uncle's for Thanksgiving with my dad's family on Sunday! Anyways, we had a blast! Sam, Moriah, Libby, and I all went downstairs and rocked out on Rock Band! I was the lead tone deaf singer! It killed me cause I can sing on pitch and I know when I'm not and I was definitely not on pitch! Lindsey, you would have ran out of the room! It was bad, but so much fun! When I actually knew the song, I did pretty good! We all laughed and my grandparents came down for the awesome concert! Sam and I left soon after to start our Christmas decorating, by getting our tree! It was a great lazy very thankful Thanksgiving Day!

The Verdict

Sam generously gave in to our dilema and we have a tree with white lights! This is mostly because he wanted me to be happy, but also because the tree was free and pre-lit with white lights! This was better than paying another $100 for another tree! Those things can be expensive! Anyways, we got the tree from his mom's house Thursday night and decided to go ahead and put it up even though it was 10:30 at night. We made a stop first at Wal-Mart because Sam had a surprise to get me! I waited in the car and when he came back he handed me the 10 Classic Christmas Movies that just came out! It was very very sweet because he knows that I LOVE Christmas movies and music! It will also be great to have in my classroom when I teach! Back to the Christmas tree though! We got back home and had the daunting task of moving around the furniture in our little apartment! The picture is before the furniture move began! We have bigger furniture, so it was daunting because we wanted it all to fit in here and look good because in reality, there was nowhere else for it to go! lol Sam finally discovered a way to have the furniture fit and we both like this set up better than the old set up! We went out yesterday around lunch to get ornaments! The was a task too! There was not much of a selection, but we found some stuff and a few more movies and came back to decorate! We took decorating in small steps! It was fun! The only thing we are missing is the tree topper, but that will come sooner or later! We couldn't find one we really liked! Like I said, the selection was scarce! It was fun picking out our Christmas stuff! The first ornaments that went on our tree were ones that my aunt made us last Christmas, Sam and Holly gingerbread people! I think that it looks adorable! We still need to get an "Our First Christmas" ornament, but I haven't found one that I really liked! I am on the prowl though! Before Christmas, we will have one!

November 23, 2008

Your Opinion

Friday night, Sam and I went over to hang out at John and Lindsey's. While we were there we were talking about their Christmas tree. That's when Sam and I realized that we haven't ever talked about our preference on tree lights! I never thought it would be an issue! Sam grew up with colored lights and really wants colored lights on our tree. I grew up with white lights and really want white lights for our tree. My thinking is that white can go with any color and that color will stand out. Sam just wants colored lights, the end. So that is where we want your opinion. Who thinks Sam should give in and let me have white lights or I give in and Sam have colored lights? The suggestion of mixing both was already shot down!

November 9, 2008

Weekend Madness

Do not be fooled by the title of my blog; it was just a very busy weekend not crazy really. Sam and I went to our friend Cody's house to hang out Friday night. We had a great time and good laughs! For example, Cody's long time girlfriend Lindsey and I were cooking and talking and Sam was floating around doing something. Cody had been at the grill working with the hamburgers and hotdogs when we heard a noise. Cody came in the door and into another room. When he came back in he had a fire extinguisher in his hand. He had caught something on fire. We didn't believe it until we saw the flames reflecting on the door! It sounds worse than it was, but it was hilarious! I had never seen a fire extinguisher used before. It smells terrible. We had dinner and Sam and I had brought some movies, so we sat down and watched U571 (I think that's the right number!). It was fun; cold, but fun! Last night, Sam and I and Sarah and Jake (Sam's sister and boyfriend) drove out to Symrna to hang out at their cousins house. It was funny because I asked Sam if he had ever hung out with him before and that was a no. This was a first for everybody and we had a great time! His cousin Kevin smoked some meat. We had BBQ and brisket! It was delicious! We all just sat and talked and watched their two kids. One is crawling and pulling up on stuff, so it became normal for him to fall on his face. Their little girl liked Sam. She shared her popcorn with him and showed him her doll. She wouldn't give me the time of day! We topped the night off with Starbucks! It was a great night! Today and the rest of this week will be devoted to homework! I can tell that the end of the semester is near because everything is due all at once. There's only a few more weeks left! I feel like the little engine that could...I just need to keep telling myself... I Think I Can...I Think I Can!! :)

November 1, 2008

Our First Halloween

We will be celebrating a lot of firsts this year, but to start off the season of "firsts" (First Thanksgiving, First Christmas, First New Years, First Valentine's Day... You get the idea) we had our first Halloween together last night! We could not decide what in the world we wanted to dress up like, but Sam found that pants that made the decision for us! These pants were hilarious! They were one size too big in the waist and one size to short in length so they made for a great pair of geek pants. These were at his mom's house in his old room...we don't know where they came from really cause no one in that house was ever that size! So Thursday night it was decided, we would be Beauty and the Geek, like the TV show off of MTV. I overemphasized everything; my hair, my makeup, my accessories! I looked awesome I can't lie! :) I was no where near as awesome as Sam though! He had the outfit of the year all thanks to Goodwill. If it wasn't for the old clothes and shoes that people give Goodwill, this outfit could not have been completed! The shirt, the glasses, and the shoes are all thanks to Goodwill. The pants were actually owned! lol We went to Josh and Kim Hampton's and had a great time! We had a bonfire, finger foods, a little game of catch phrase, and a few scary movies here and there. It was so much fun! I think that will need to be an annual event, even if it's not at the same place! It was great to get together with everybody! All in was a great first Halloween!